Thursday, February 1, 2007

Finally managed it !!

Well I've finally managed to master the heel turning after changing the pattern. This is my first sock, knitted in Jarol New Arrival DK Randoms. I'm really pleased with it for a first go. I've unpicked the other sock back to the bottom of the leg and will finish it the same way as this one. DH put it on for me because I can't get down there! He was in a very precarious position and it was not wise to say that all I needed now was a one legged multi coloured sock lover to wear it.............I will of course knit the other one asap. The heel was really easy on this one so I'm wondering if the other pattern is not correct.
I did have some help from the lovely ladies on Crafty Threads 'N' yarns they were great, thank you ladies.

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