Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stash buying, well just a little

When we went to the Harrogate show my sis and I were looking for different things, she wanted more wool for the baby things she's knitting for the arrival of her new grandson. I was looking for xstitch and quilting supplies.
When I stopped knitting 8 yrs ago I gave away all my wool which had filled the whole area under our stairway, one part of me regrets it now but the other half is happy there are many children out in Rumania being kept warm with the jumpers and cardi's etc knitted with the said wool.

Now of course I have to build up my wool stash again.
The top pic is Ribbon wool, I'm knitting a scarf for a little girl called Holly who has seen my DD's and wants one the same. I thought I'd finished knitting with this but alas!
Pic no 2 is Sock yarn purchased from a great seller on ebay, when DH saw it he asked 'do people wear odd socks then when they hand knit them then?' I swear I'm going to hit him before long, moving him into the garage is getting nearer and nearer.... ;o)

Pic 3 is more DK for socks, the lovely yarn at the front was the last 3 she had, it's wool but so very soft. Pic 4 is more yarn for crocheting another blanket.

I bought the latest issue of Simply Knitting the other day just for the set of stitch markers I forgot to bring them upstairs so will take a pic later. I've yet to decide where my knitting and crocheting stash is going to be stored. My cupboards & drawers are full, I was going to be artful and display it in baskets but if I do the munchkins will be stealing and running off with it so I have to think of another place.

Well off to answer more emails, take care

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Tammy said...

Peg, would you be interested in doing a swap of some kind for one of those magazines with the stitch markers? I saw the picture on someone else's blog and thought it was a really neat idea. Let me know at mommy_birdto2AThotmailDOTcom. Replace the AT and DOT.

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