Friday, September 25, 2009

I am ashamed of myself !

Yes I am, for not keeping up with my blog when I promised myself I would.

Things have been so hectic here it's unbelievable. One of the rescue's I helped out with closed down so in January 10 of us formed another rescue which is called The Little Dog Rescue. We take all small dogs be they pedigree or cross breeds, I am regional co-ordinator for the rescue so life is more busy now.

The photo above is of my 8 dogs plus 2 of Dionnes a fellow staff member of the rescue. We were all at a country show at Tatton Park in Cheshire. A great day had by all. I now have 4 Shih Tzu's, Megan, Livvy, Paddington & Nemo plus 4 Lhasa Apso girls, Mia, Nulie, Poppy & Georgia. As you can see Olivia who featured in my last post didn't leave us, when it came to it we couldn't bear the thought of watching her driving away with another family so we adopted her. Little Trickwoo the Pekingese was also adopted by us, sadly she had infections in her eyes which caused her to lose one eye and in a few days it had spread to her other eye. She was so poorly we had to make the decision to let her go, it was an awful day and we still miss her so much much. She was a little bossy britches but we loved her. Paddington our oldest Shiddie had a massive stroke earlier this yr followed by 2 smaller ones, he has recovered but isn't as active as he was.

I have fostered more than a few Lhasa's and Shih Tzu's and been very good and let them go to new homes but it's been hard :o)

Neil is hoping to take flexi retirement at the end of term at Christmas, that would be great, he's getting very tired all the time, he's worked since he left school in 1964 so I think he deserves to take life easy. It was another sad time for us in August, Neil's middle brother Glyn was diagnosed and died within 4 1/2wks with cancer. It was a big shock to us and happened so quickly, both Neil and his elder brother were devastated.

I have recently been ill but it did have it's good side, I have been able to do some more stitching and catch up on some of the blogs I used to love visiting. I've missed reading them and hope to make time for myself to continue doing so.

At the moment I'm stitching Heavens Gate Sampler by Hester's Needle I love the autumnal colours of this sampler and am using the Sandstone tea died linen included in the kit. I have so many pieces not framed I think I'll have to take out another mortgage to cover the cost of framing them all but I need to get them done.

My quilting is at a stop due to not being able to get to my cutting table and machines at the moment. I have stored boxes in my craft room which have now taken over. My plan is to get this sorted before Christmas so I can get back to it.

I need to say goodnight now it's 1am here and I promised dh I would start to go to bed earlier so I don't get so run down. Hopefully it won't be as long until the next posting .

Take care

Peg xx

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