Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My toe dipping into the world of reflexology

I'm having tremendous problems with my feet at the moment, my heels are numb and I am experiencing numbness from below the ball of my foot up to and including my toes. This makes life very awkward if I'm stepping over something I never know if I've cleared it and often fall flat on my face in either the kitchen or hallway after coming through each door. I went to see a neurologist who wants me to go for a scan, there are two possibilities either the nerves in my feet are dying in which case there's nothing they can do. We know I don't have diabetes. Or it could be related to my spine there may be nerves trapped. If this is the case it's possible surgery will rectify this.

I asked the neurologist & my own dr if they thought reflexology would help get the circulation back. Both said it wouldn't hurt, no offence to anyone but I don't believe in the hocus pocus of such treatments but I thought the deep foot massage would help rather than a pedicure.

I had my first appointment on Monday and have to say it was very relaxing, I couldn't feel some of what she was doing but what I could didn't hurt. I was told to sip plenty of water throughout the day and rest for the afternoon. I would possibly feel a little nauseous or tired, it was the tiredness which hit me. I made myself comfortable, threaded needles ready to stitch on my sampler, I woke up almost 2 hrs later with a half threaded needle in my hand! Neil said she perhaps should come each night then I'd sleep better :o)

The recommended space between each treatment is 7 days minimum so I'm off next Wednesday for my next one. My feet were tender the next day but not painful, they are swollen again but that's par for the course lately.

Changing the subject the nine Shiddies we brought in are doing really well in their foster homes and learning how to be normal dogs. It makes it all worthwhile when they start to trust again. Paddington is feeling better after his two days of not being well, he slept the days away and now seems fine. I don't think it's stroke related like before because he's stable on his feet and isn't vacant in his eyes. The other munchkins are plodding along, I'm toying with the idea of cutting the girls coats down, I haven't been able to keep up with their grooming whilst I was ill so it's going to take some hours to bring them back to what they were. I haven't decided yet though.

The nights are drawing in now and night time descends on us so quickly, the year is going so fast too. I think it's as you get older the days seemed to go on forever when I was young :o) I'm looking forward to the autumnal colours coming into the trees, the hazy mornings. We're having a new fence erected next Thursday so hopefully we can get the garden sorted again into looking something worth looking at instead of the mess it is at the moment. Wonder if Neil will garden when he's semi retired?????

Have a great day looking forward to catching up on your blogs too.

Peg xx

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