Monday, October 19, 2009

My trip to the hospital and our little visitor

This tiny little girl is 9yrs old and came to us because her Mum has Alzheimer's and couldn't look after her anymore. She is a really sweet little one but didn't seem to well, she needed a dental her teeth were a mess and badly decaying. Each time she ate pus was running down her throat sending further infection to her trachea. She had her op last Tuesday and came home with only 2 teeth left bless her. Because of her retching I'm not getting much sleep at the moment so am feeling pretty rough. She will be going to her new Mum soon who is really looking forward to meeting her.

She is evidently feeling better because she's telling my lot off each time they play fight :o) She is so fragile looking although mine aren't large dogs, she likes to sleep down the duvet at night. She may be tiny but we'll miss her when she goes. A postscript to this Cleo had to go to the vets this morning, I spent another night without sleep. She is to finish her antibiotics then see how she is on Friday, she won't be leaving us yet.

I went for my MRI today oh boy did I make a fool of myself, I thought the scanner would be one of those like a large polo mint but no it wasn't. I am seriously claustrophobic so when the scanner started moving me into the machine once my arms caught the side I pressed the panic button. The staff were absolutely great, they offered to rebook when I'd got some sedation from my GP but I knew I'd be worse going back. They suggested a lower pillow for my head so my face wasn't so near the top of the 'tube', I said ok. I thought I was going all the way through and had visions of being stuck in there for an hour which I knew I just couldn't do. However once my arms were inside and my lumbar region was in the middle that was enough so they did the scans in spurts of 2-3 mins. I felt 1/2 " small, on the floors above me were people who were dying of cancer and I'm fretting about being inside a tube but I just couldn't help it I suffer from claustrophobia and so I panic. They didn't take my head inside the tube which I will be eternally grateful for and we eventually got the MRI done with. I couldn't thank them enough but I did say if ever I have to go in further then they'll have to put me to sleep. I was still shuddering from it in the early hours of this morning!

I can't control my fear on this so hope I never have to have another one, just waiting for the results now.

take care

Hugs Peg xx

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