Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to another hospital today and other things.

I had my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon today, I was going to ask if the op for my other knee replacement could be delayed until well into the new year but apparently the knee has deteriorated so fast that he doesn't want to delay it much longer. I asked for the time frame if I agreed now, it would be in December, Neil doesn't drive and with this being his busy time at work I just couldn't have the op before Christmas. My surgeon has agreed to see me in December and put me in his diary for January or early February, on the condition I don't leave it any longer. Neil is possibly taking flexi retirement so that would mean he's only working 3 days a week so it would be easier for me then.

We had a new canopy put over the front door last week, unfortunately it rained just after he'd left, we were very pleased with his work but the flashing started to come loose during the next couple of days with heavy rain. He's here at the moment redoing it, so the blind is down in the lounge to stop the dogs barking at him. Mia has the most penetrating squeal bark I've ever heard and is not one you want to endure for long.

We've had the fencing on the back renewed we can't grumble the other lasted over 25yrs. The next job is having the rest of the back garden paved so, I can't do it anymore and Neil doesn't have the time it'll be easier to keep tidy. We have bought a summer house, although it's almost winter, even on days like today it's a bit chilly but I love to be out in the autumn sunshine so I'll be able to stitch down there getting fresh air but also away from the wind. We're waiting delivery on that, Neil has to put the base down yet, he was going to do it on Saturday last but his chutney making took up all his time so it looks like he'll be doing it in the afternoons instead of snoozing :o). Here's his Marrow & Apple and his Red Onion chutney using new kilner and recycled small jars.

He's also got to put a new roof and floor in our existing storage shed poor thing is looking a little worse for wear and letting water in, it's not a big job I don't think.

I can't wait to see it all finished and at last get my conservatory, I've been very patient waiting 28yrs for it don't ya think LOL. I've managed a little more on my Heavens Gate sampler, I am making time for this, if I don't the days slip by so quickly and it's another non productive day stitching wise. Here's my progress so far.

I've just read about my friend Margarets, daughters first venture into stitching. Check it out on Margarets blog I think Mum and daughter can be very proud of a beautiful project made between them. Check out Margarets stitching full stop she has completed the Beatrix Potter sampler recently but has made some amazingly beautiful items well worth a visit. I miss Margaret since she and her hubby Bob emigrated to Spain, also Sheila also emigrated to Spain just after I got to know her. I bought some stitching goodies from her and liked her from the moment I met her. She was in recovery from a hip replacement and was leaving for Spain a few weeks later. Not all my friends emigrate ;o) take a look at Shiela's blog too she makes beautiful needleworks. Imagine my joy when I found out two of my favourite ladies had 'found' each other in Spain and are now firm friends having lovely stitching times together.

My BIL has a villa in Spain which is his home and I know I would be welcome to go and stay, then I could visit with them but sadly I'm planted firmly on the ground, afraid of flying so am missing out on meeting up with them. Totally my fault for being such a wus at flying!

Well reality calls and I have to go and feed my man as he returns from bringing home the bacon LOL

take care and hope to speak again soon

Hugs Peg xx


Quiltsmiles said...

Sorry to read about your ortho problem. I hope the surgery will rectify the numbness and problems you've been experiencing. My prayers are with you. I too have a pinched spinal column due to a work injury herniating a couple of cervical discs. Numbness, pain, weakness are some of the symptoms I've been having so I literally can "feel your pain".
Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. It seems that we could be kindred spirits. Good luck organizing your stash, sewing area and machines, esp. with the upcoming surgical downtime. You'll be needing some needle therapy to be sure.

Mary L. said...

I hope the surgery will be successful and recovery will swift. Sounds like a lot of relaxing sewing time will be called for!

Peg said...

Aww bless you ladies thank you for your good wishes. It will be nice to just chill and stitch. I also have a couple of quilts on the go which I'm hand sewing, trouble is whenever I'm on the sofa and put a quilt on my lap I'm quickly joined by at least 4 of my girls all wanting to snuggle up :o)This time I'll be able to be online too, I didn't have a lap top last time yeahh>

Peg xx

Solstitches said...

Hi Peg,
I LOVE how your Heaven's Gate sampler looks.
What a surprise to read about me, Dee and Sheila :)
Thanks so much for the nice things you said.
I miss you and wish you were here in Spain also.


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