Sunday, January 15, 2012

A relaxing day

We've had a relaxing day today it's been a very busy week, I've not been to well still but needed to bath & clip my dogs, the thought of doing them all was I have to be honest looking like a huge chore I could do without. However my daughter came to the rescue and helped, I took the dogs to her house she bathed and we trimmed and groomed together including her 2 Lhasa girls as well. It's taken all week but they're all looking great and smelling sweet. This little man joined our family late last year, he came as Dudley but we call him Dooglebug. He's not 2 until next year and is a great little chap who gets on really well with all our others and follows his big brother Nemo around. This photo is him at Christmas watching his favourite buddy, grandson James look for a dvd to watch!

The stitching photo is of my progress of the second stitching of Angel of Spring. I'm stitching it for my framing lady but it's been on hold for quite some time due to not being able to stitch with all the dust and muck we've had around. I'm hoping to make some real headway with it soon.

I love visiting other blogs to see what other stitching are focusing on at the moment. Oh boy there are some wonderful projects being stitched.
I have quite a few projects in the pipeline that I want to get finished this year. There are 4 quilts need backing and finishing, xstitch projects need finishing and I have new curtains to make for the caravan and the summer house. Well it's getting late and I suppose I ought to try and get some sleep.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend

hugs Peg x


Kelly said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! It's very nice to meet you....all the way from the UK! I was reading your post and knew by some of your words that you were probably from another country. ha! Bet, you didn't know that gave you away. Looks like you are a dog lover like me. Your little dog Dudley is adorable! I don't do any cross stitch or crocheting, but I'm always impressed by people that do. It looks like a fine art when it's all complete!

Peg said...

Aww bless you, lol as English as they come . Yep I love my little ones to bits, they make me smile on bad days and never judge me. There's always a great welcome when I come home. :0)


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amelia said...

You are a multi talented lady! When do you ever get time to do such lovely work? I'm betting you don't have much spare time at all!

Anonymous said...
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World Famous said...
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