Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's official, I am cold!!

I'm the one who usually has the doors or window open, Mr B is the one hugging the radiator. However, despite the sun streaming into the conservatory it is flipping cold here. Now I know -6 isn't cold to some of our over the seas fellow bloggers but it is for jolly old England LOL.

Despite the sun blazing which makes for a beautiful day the roads, pathways and generally under foot is treacherous. I will not be stepping over the threshold today. I had really bad falls in the snow the past 2 yrs and as Mr B is off on his jollies climbing there's no one to pick me up.

We had 8" of snow forecast, that hasn't materialised, yet. Mr B set off around 6.30am with some of his climbing friends for their annual Glen Coe reunion. I text him about 8am to say I was up and hoped his journey wasn't to risky, he rang me about 30mins later to say all was fine it was a bit over cast but not to bad. 10 mins later I get another call to say they'd broken down on the motorway, M62 which is notorious for accidents and bad driving! They had rung the AA and were waiting on the hard shoulder, not a good thing in this weather. Worrying time followed, thankfully about 40 mins later he called to say the AA chap had fixed it, a new coil installed and they were off on their merry way again. His climbing holidays are getting less frequent now he's getting older, I know he will not take any risks and if he's not happy to climb whilst away he'll just enjoy the company of around 15 of his climbing/walking friends. One takes his lovely partner Ross who is one very brave lady, I would not want to share a cottage with 13-15 men for a week LOL.

It's good news on the caravan front, the veranda was completed a couple of weeks ago but when we went down to have a look it was in the wrong place! The workmanship of it was faultless, we're very pleased but would like to be able to access it without knocking a wall down.

As you can see in the first photo, it's great but not accessible so we asked them to move it 3.5ft to the right so we a) could get to it and b) because clipping the door on to the veranda would give us more space.

Here in the second it's been moved the requested length to the right and we're happy with it. It means I am not risking falling down steep steps and the doglets get to sit outside with us without escaping into the grounds. Very happy, the site opens again March 15th my daughter, her two boys, one of Sams friends, me plus 4 doglets will be going down to enjoy a break.

On the creative front I don't have any progress shots of my stitching but I do have a photo of something I created oven wise, this is our new baby

And here are some of the first things I baked with it, the cheese biscuits cooling at the side of the range were made by Mr B.

I'm going to give up now because I'm having problems with the spacing and it's driving me crazy! I'm off to stroll through a few more blogs then get on with the quilt I'm cutting out.

Enjoy your weekend

Peg x


Bonnie said...

Peg, What a fun getaway you are making for yourself. And your baked goods look delicious. Sorry to hear you are alone for Valentine's day. My 4th daughter is spending the next few months in London in Notting Hill on a study abroad with her University. She was so thrilled to get snow last week.

Peg said...

Bless her she'll be feeling the cold today it is sooo chilly here I'm usually in short sleaves but not today and even the munchkins are in jumpers apart from Nemo & Dooglebug of course they're tough Shiddie boys LOL.

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