Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well worth a visit

Surfing blogs last night I came across a beautiful case designed by the talented ohiomom on her blog I think it's great,I have the larger kindle and will be making one but enlarging it. Why not pop over and have a look you won't be disappointed. I had a lovely time reading through her blog, I particularly like her background with the beautiful autumnal colouring.

sew much with me: Kindle Fire case, finally :)

I've had a chilled day today with the dogs, Mr B rang he's enjoying his holiday and doing the same just chilling out. He faced timed me last night and gave me a grand tour of the house they're staying in it's beautiful!!

Don't forget to pop over.

Peg x


bellaboo said...

Hi,and thanks for dropping in and for leaving a lovely comment.
I hope you have fun with your patchwork,that's something I've yet to learn...still plodding on with my crochet blanket!
Have a lovely Sunday. :0)

Sally and Harry's Vintage Chic said...

Thanks for visiting my blog it's so lovely to know someone is out there!!
I had a kindle for Christmas I think I will give the cover a try looks great.

Molly said...

Hello Peg! I'm so glad you visited my blog....and no! You didn't come across as being a bit tipsy! Typos happen all the time. I knew what you meant I've just put "After You'd Gone" by Ms O'Farrell on reserve at the library. It's the best form of escapism---getting absorbed in a wonderful book.

Molly said...

That Kindle cover is gorgeous! Was iteasy [and quick?]to make? I've been wanting to make one for my sister.....Please excuse the multiple comments---can't seem to get it all in one sock!

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