Monday, April 30, 2012

A little renovation.

A few years ago I saw and fell in love with this quilt on ebay, I loved it on site. I finally had the winning bid and was so happy when I received it. At first I was a little disappointed that the back was bulky, there was no batting just a rather thick blanket albeit it new.

This is the blanket,

Due to being ill and not able to machine or physically walk about I decided to take off the backing and finish it properly. Once I'd removed the blanket the back was a bit of a shock

As you can see each square instead of being cut to size had the edges folded over anywhere between 1- 2" with masses of threads needing cutting off. It looked a mess, but you know I felt really annoyed with myself for being so picky. The reason for this was that on closer inspection the lady who pieced it had hand stitched each square. The stitches were so tiny evidently taking many hours to stitch the squares securely together.

I've cut the excess fabric off each square and when I put the batting, the backing fabric and binding on I will have the luxury of using my machine, this lady evidently didn't. I think the old adage of not judging a book by its cover is a lesson I learnt this week. I still love it and knowing the work she put in will make me appreciate it even more.

Just a little mention of the weather we're having, if it continues to rain much longer I think we'll all be developing webbed feet :0).

Enjoy your week and please take time to pop over to some of the blogs who's buttons are on my sidebar you'll be in for a treat!

Take care

Peg x

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