Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making changes

We decided to come down to our little get away for a few days. We both love it here and have had the company of the sun for the past 2 days, the temperature drops in the evening but we don't care there's heating and when we feel like being snugly we have gorgeous chenille throws & beautiful crocheted blankets. Plus of course my little munchkin doglets, they're perfect hottie bottles. :o)

We're making a few changes inside this time, I love terracotta but the curtains seem to look 'flat' so I've decided to change them from this colour

to this colour

I wanted to lift the colour a little so I chose these lovely Latte curtains. Two of the lounge windows are only 3' wide so I bought one pair and made a pr from each curtain. They also needed 10" off the bottom but that won't be wasted because I've earmarked it to cover the pelmet, yes I know pelmets are so last season but I like them and think they finish a window off.  I slip stitched the lining back onto the curtains and have one window dressed with them. Two other windows are over 4' each and the big one is 90" x 42".

When we first bought our get away the windows had plain net curtains, not very inspiring and I'm not a fan of nets so couldn't wait to get rid of them. I chose Ivory slat blinds to compliment the Latte coloured curtains and Mr B put the first one up for me today so with the new curtains they look great, well to me they do. I need to sort the tie backs and the pelmet tomorrow I'll post a pic when they're finished. I'm hoping to do another pair tomorrow. I brought some quilting with me but haven't had the chance to do any yet but I'll leave this project here so it'll get a little more done next time hopefully.

On a none busy note the dogs and I have had a lovely time today I took them 2 at a time on a good walk. I can't walk to far and it does aggravate my back so I use my scooter. It's nice and flat here and the dogs are very proficient at walking to the side of me to avoid the wheels. Megan's the cheekiest bless her she thinks it's her princess carriage and rides between my feet! Just like this, she surveys her little kingdom, thankfully she doesn't do the queenly wave :o)

Well that's all for now take care, keep smiling and thank you for visiting.

Peg x

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notes of sincerity said...

You are so industrious!
Your curtains look fabulous and what a sweet little pup. He is too cute. :0)

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