Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I feel like a character from Alice in Wonderland!

Gosh life has been so busy these past few weeks with the rescue the phone never seems to stop ringing. It's sad so many people having to give up their dogs, we're full so I've been ringing around other rescues to see if they can take the dogs we can't. 5 dogs have managed to get a space.

On a happier note not long now until the site opens up and we can go down to the caravan again. Although its double glazed and central heated I think it would be far to cold during the winter months. All the quilts, pillows, throws and bedding have been washed and ironed and packed away ready to take back to the van. I'm trying something different this year and have invested in some vac seal storage bags so hopefully they won't take up so much room in the cars. I'm having a battle with one bag that has 2 quilts, cushions, and 2 pillows in, it vacs down to a cube. Each time I do it, walk away and come back later its back to normal size! I know the valve is sealed so think there's either a hole or I'm not sealing the opening properly, the others work perfectly.

Stitching wise, I bought a few more Accuquilt dies and am looking forward to cutting out the ones I bought. I have 5 quilt tops ready to sandwich, I still haven't worked up the courage to machine quilt the quilt I finished last year😊 I will do it eventually.

Well it's a quick visit, lunch to get ready and more sorting to do.

Take care and enjoy your day

Peg xx

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trills said...

Hi Peg. Thanks for dropping by and your kind words and encouragement. I have been browsing your blog. you are a busy lady and a lot more productive . I am spurred on and am clearing the decks to do some sewing. Love your doggies and admire the rescue work you do. do you take all of them to the caravan. I was interested in the old quilt you bought. Im wondering if it was pieced over papers like I do hexegons and other odd shapes. I have a friend who does squares like this. It would account for the variation in seam overlaps. blessings, Trills

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Peg hello, so glad you found me because now i have found you and a fellow small dog 'shiddie' lover too, will be following along....
bestest to you and yours happy thursday
Daisy j x

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