Thursday, March 21, 2013

The weather is glorious here

We've come down to the van until Sunday lunch time, what a palaver last night when we got here. Travelling down I was absolutely perished, northern word for extremely cold! We had Georgi girl with us and bless her she doesn't travel well, that's usually why my lovely daughter has her and Nunu whilst we're here. Said daughter is now working so is unable to have them, it's no trouble when they're all here its just the travelling. We've found giving her a Sturgeron travel pill an hour before travelling and putting a cushion in the footwell at Mr B's feet she's ok. The draw back is we have to have the heater on cool so she doesn't get to hot, hence she is fine, we're perishing cold😊

When we arrived at the van the owners of the site had been having electrical work done over the past few days so a notice was up to say it would go off intermittently whilst the site was checked for safety. The problem was our electric had tripped out, no electricity, the CH is gas but needs electric. Mr B had cleaned the carpet when we left last week. So putting furniture back in place in pitch black tends to result in trapped fingers and knocked shins😄. Eventually we found the outside trip switch and we were up and running it soon warmed through.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous, a lot warmer and wonderful sunshine to brighten up the day👍 travelling in the dark with alternating rain and snow shower yesterday was a downer but today is a real blessing.

I'm going to be doing some quilting shortlynd ive brought my crochet with me. I've finally found out how to crochet granny squares correctly thanks to 'verypinkknits' fantastic video tutorials check them out on YouTube. Also I can now crochet hexagons thanks to 'bobwilson123 ' she has great tutorials on YouTube also. Thank you ladies for solving a problem I've had for years, badly misshapen sq's with no clue what I was doing wrong!

Because of the arthritis I can't use plain metal hooks so a couple of years ago I invested in a set, complete with case of Clover soft touch hooks. They have an aluminium hook but the handle is soft and very comfortable enabling me to hold the hook better. They're not cheap but at least I can use them.👍

Well I'm off to get started, I hope the weather is great where you are also.

Peg xx

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Lazy Daisy Jones said...

I agree with you about the hooks they are lovely and soft....what a lot of anonymous comments you have did you know you can block them?
bestest daisy j

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