Thursday, May 30, 2013

A less stressful life

Hello lovely fellow bloggers, I'm sorry I haven't posted for almost 2 mths, life has taken a new turn for me and mine. My health took another unexpected nose dive pushing me to the decision that I needed to change the way I was living my life.

I've been involved with rescuing dogs for a long time in one way or another but as most know I became one of the directors of the Little Dog Rescue in 2009. We began small taking in small dogs be they pedigree or 100% mongrels the emphasis being on small.

I was taking an enforced break last year due to ill health and had some concerns about some of the goings on by one of the directors. This sadly revealed she was committing fraud, misusing money given for the dogs,  it unearthed the fact she was not the person we loved and respected. It led to a police investigation which despite her saying differently is still open and she hasn't cleared her name.

We were left with 4 remaining directors after hers and other staff members resignations, one of those is Mr B. I just couldn't carry on as things were the work load became to much 24/7 and I had an ultimatum from my consultant. Sooo after talking to the other directors and a staff member who is giving her absolute all to help out it was decided that rather than resign and step down I would remain a director but the everyday running of the rescue would  be taken over by Sam and Clare and we have some excellent staff members who are proving to be worth their weight in gold. I will continue to order and distribute medication and order special diet food for some of our lifetime foster dogs.
I am really grateful for the others allowing me to take this option, I said goodbye to my last foster dog recently, a little Shiddie girl who came in from a home in Ireland. She is blind but this doesn't hinder anything she does. She's been well looked after and loved very much by her previous owners it was ill health that caused them to reluctantly give her up. She has been adopted by one of our lovely staff members and is living the life of Riley with another Shiddie girl the same age and 4 little KCC's girls.

I had a change of medication and with that and the stress being lifted life is taking on a far better route. It now allows me to see more of my family, get back to doing my crafts, enjoy my own dogs, I now don't feel guilty coming to the van leaving others to deal with the constant phone calls, emergencies etc.

I will however be making some goods for the rescue to sell and raise necessary funds, we can assure people now that all monies given to the rescue for the dogs is used for their benefit not ours. All members from the newest to the directors as all volunteers and not paid for their services.

I'm going to end this post now before it gets into an essay and will write another one after it to share some other news.

Keep safe
hugs Peg xx

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