Friday, May 31, 2013

At last I've finished it!

As stated in an earlier post I have finally mastered the crochet Granny square, with help from you tube participants who kindly give their time and expertise. I've been beavering away any time I sat to watch TV or listen to an audio book. The book you can just see on the ipad screen on the left is Hearts of Gold by Catrin Collier, great book and am enjoying listening whilst crocheting.
As you can see I didn't use my brain and work the ends in as I went so had a very tedious time doing it all in one go.

I now have enough squares to make 2 cot blankets and have joined one lot together using this link bobwilson123 . I stayed up until 3am this morning to put the border around it. When we get home I'll  wash it, I've named it 'Pastel with a hint of bold'. I'm really pleased with it, my very first one.

I'll get the other one made up hopefully in the next few days.

You'll probably notice there's been a bit of a change in the van's decor, I've really loved the van since we first saw it but the curtains being deep terracotta and the upholstery tan and brown I felt it needed lightening up. Before:

 Sooo I've recovered the seating in the dining area in a light two tone beige check and made new cushions, the larger sofas at the other side I will cover in a fabric which has a larger check and deeper beige. As you can see Nunu approves

Below shows the new curtains, I took the pelmet boards down and recovered them in a deep pink chinz lined with curtain lining. On the board top part it the fabric is straight but the bottom half I made with pleats you may be able to click on the photo to enlarge it and you'll see the pleats. I need to line the curtains I have the fabric but wanted to put the curtains up to see the effect. On the right of the photo you can just get a peek at the cushions I made for the other sofas. They have a patchwork center I'll reveal those when I've made the covers for the other sofas. The table on the right trying to get in the picture and chairs are normally in front of this seating not in the middle of the room :o). I'd love to have laminate flooring but Mr B like his carpeting ;o)

We've managed to have 12 days here this time with it being a bank holiday here in the UK I was hoping to get the other sofas finished before we went  home but it may not happen until we come next time. I will share when I get it finished.

I had a text message on Saturday evening from my eldest son his younger daughter Molly had been asked to be a Brolly girl on pole position at the World Super Bikes held at Donnington Park the following day. She was over the moon, he was ecstatic because he & Philly got pit passes to go with her because she's under 18, so they spent Sunday mixing with the stars of the race track as well as both UK & USA actors. They had a great day.

Molly, on the right in Pole Position

A fantastic day!

Oohh surrounded by the paparrazi ;0)

I'm really enjoying myself Nan

How envious I was :o)

I've also bee enjoying catching up on some blogs I've not had chance to read in the past months and have really enjoyed myself. There are some amazing blogs out there.

Take care

hugs Peg xx


KC'sCourt! said...

Pretty blankets and sofas. And lucky girl, looks like she is having fun.
Julie xxxxxxx

hazel said...

Lovely to see you posting again, sorry you have had so much trouble at the centre.

Your blanket is so pretty and I love the new decor in the van.

Your grand daughter is beautiful and she really looks as thou she was enjoying her day.

Keep well Peg
Hazel c (UK)

Peg said...

Thank you both for your kind comments, it was a horrendous thing to go through with the rescue especially when you've put so much trust in someone who I thought was like a sister.
I was out shopping with Molls yesterday both she and Paul were still buzzing, whilst we went shopping Neil and Paul looked through all the photos he'd taken.

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