Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gosh what a change in the weather and a catch up

I went into hospital on Friday wearing a sleeveless cotton top and cotton summer skirt, the sun was shining it was warm and all's well with the world. When I went on to the ward after my op the sound of torrential rain met my ears. This part of the hospital backs onto vast, beautiful open countryside plus the inevitable golf course but visibility was down to a few yards. The rain didn't stop until Saturday morning and then it was dark and overcast. What's happened to the wonderful summer days we've enjoyed, I suppose it had to end sometime.
I was more than happy to be home hospital isn't my favourite place.

A while ago whilst at our bolt hole I started a new quilt, I'd cut and sewn the blocks a few months before.

When I laid them out together I decided I'd cut them again and sew into different patterns so this is what I had after the cut and sew.

Rather than sash the blocks I decided to sew them together and introduce borders.
I managed to get a pretty decent photo in the sun room, I've added borders and there's just one more border to add before sandwiching and quilting. I don't know if it shows up but the first border around the blocks is a beautiful cream with tiny deep pink dots. The fabric is so soft, I'll be working on this again when I've got the go ahead from the hospital.

I've not been slacking on the crochet front, I've been enjoying youtube tutorials, blog tutorials on both crochet and quilting, here are a few of the items I've been working on.
My large Granny sq blanket is coming along nicely I've just started the soft sage green row. The colours are more vibrant than my pictures show.

A cushion front made up of granny sq's, needs blocking.

A few blocks for another pink and white blanket

A variety of blocks recently made including Maybelle flower, hexies and 2 hearts, tutorials hereAnnette's blog

Also in thie middle is the start of another cushion front.
Finally 2 of my knitted dish clothes, I loved working with this cotton its so soft. I managed to get some balls in different colours but they're at the van so I can't use them until I'm able to go back.

Purchase wise a set of 15 x 10" sq's in gorgeous ditsy prints and a 2" strip jelly roll from a lovely seller on ebay.

I've always wanted to have a go and use flying geese in a quilt so bought this from Creative Grids, fast service every time.

Not being able to do much over the weekend I've thoroughly enjoyed myself catching up with my blog list. My goodness its been a pleasure beautiful items being created, I haven't fully caught up yet on them all.
I get side tracked, I read a catch up, go to post a comment then pop over to the blogs of a couple or so of fellow comment leavers. There are some fabulously talented people out there in blog land.

Take care and thank you for visiting

Peg xx

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hazel said...

Sorry to read you have been in hospital Peg and hope it was nothing serious and you are recovering well.

Love the quilt you are changing and you have been very busy with all the crocheting.

Look after yourself.
Hazel c uk

Peg Botham said...

Hi Hazel, lovely to hear from you. I'm having difficulty holding the fine needles we use in xstitching so am concentrating on quilting and crochet for a while. What are you up to now.

Peg xx

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