Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wow how the temperature has dropped

I'm not usually one who grumbles about the cold I'm usually feeling the warmth if you know what I mean! Goodness if its this cold now what's January going to be like?

It's been a busy month so far with a lot of hospital appointments taking up our time and November won't be any less busy it will be every week day with weekends off. Mr B isn't fairing much better either bless him, he's got a chest infection which has floored him.

Over the past few days to take my mind off things I've been working on a quilt for the bed in my sewing room. I posted a photo recently of these 10" sq's I'd been cutting further down is how it stands now.

The blocks are made up of 4 squares and n occasional pinwheel block. I've got 3 rows pieced together and hope to have the quilt top completed in the next few days. Each block is 8.5" sq and the quilt is 10 x 12 blocks. I don't think I'll be adding a border possibly just binding it but we'll see. I don't want it to be to fussy. I love autumnal colours and this gives me the chance to utilise them, I am so looking forward to this being finished. 4 rows done only 8 more to go 😊.

I've also got my next quilt in mind which is a pattern by Eleanor Burns called Piece of cake, I've got Moda's 30's playtime layer cake in mind for this one.

Before I go I've entered a great giveaway on a lovely blog here Cheryls
Please do go across and check her blog out you won't be disappointed👍

I'm so excited about next week I'm expecting a great delivery, its.....nah think I'll share next time :)

Take care and have a great weekend

Peg xx

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KC'sCourt! said...

Gorgeous colours in your quilt
Julie xxxxxxxx

Peg Botham said...

Thank you Julie, I love autumn and I love how these fabrics are coming together. I'm getting quite excited to see it finished


hazel said...

Sorry you are undergoing treatment Peg and do hope it is not to painful for and Mr.B is recovering.

Your latest quilt is looking pretty and I hope you can work on it while having treatment.

Take care of each other.

Hazel c uk

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