Thursday, November 14, 2013

Close down time

Hello lovely people, well it's that time of year again, we've said goodbye to our bolt hole for the next 3.1/2 months. This picture is from the wonderful, warm, heady days of summer, yesterday was a beautiful sunny autumnal day but rather chilly.
My daughter and I drove over early morning to Mablethorpe, the lovely small seaside town in Lincolnshire where our bolt hole is situated. Although like most on the site ours is habitable during winter because of central heating and double glazing, the site closes from mid November until mid March. Everything valuable has to be removed, the duvets, pillows, sofa covers, curtains etc are brought home for cleaning so they're nice and fresh for next year. Due to my recovering from surgery I got to be the forewoman with my daughter bless her doing 98% of the work.

It's always a sad day when we leave for the winter, we enjoy it so much being there and apart from one couple, who sadly don't mix with anyone, everyone is really lovely, friendly and chatty. Each morning rain or shine John, one of the older neighbours walks past to the lake for his day of fishing, he always stops for a couple of minutes to chat. Lunchtime sees his wife taking his lunch and a flask, last season a sorry excuse for a human being stole all his fishing tackle. He was heartbroken some of it was over 50yrs old, the culprit was not found but there had been some chaps on the site a few evenings before giving out leaflets to an event. Nothing like this had happened before, everyone knew where he kept his gear, it's been in the same place for almost 20yrs with no problems.
It hit John hard, nothing like this had happened before, all the fellow fishermen grouped together to kit him out with new gear so he could carry on doing what he loves best.

I have a lot more visits to the hospital ahead of me so we wouldn't have been able to go. I was supposed to start 3 wks of daily treatment today but because of a very painful infection they're not happy for me to start treatment until it's cleared up. I've had 2 courses of strong antibiotics but nothing seems to be moving it. I'm back at my local hospital tomorrow to see the specialist who performed the operation, I'm hoping something can be done to ease it. I'm going on Monday 18th November to see the oncologist for him to decide if everything's settled enough for me to start treatment that day. If I do my last treatment visit will be on my birthday.

On the good news front one of my grandsons rang today to say he'd past an exam he'd taken for work which will mean further qualifications, promotion and a very substantial raise in salary. Another grandson, his younger brother has a place at a training college and is really enjoying it. Our eldest grandson and his partner have had the go ahead from the hospital to start trying for a baby after his partners health is now good.
Of our other two grandsons, the elder has also got good results from uni and his younger brother is settling well at senior school.

Of our 3 granddaughters the eldest has had great results at uni, the middle one is back home after working abroad and the youngest is enjoying being at college.
Life sometimes throws very painful bricks at you but there is also an awful lot to feel grateful for.

On the crafting front not a lot has been happening with not being to well but I hope to get back to it soon fingers crossed.

Take care and enjoy the blessings that come your way.

Peg xx

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