Friday, November 22, 2013

My first week completed!

Just sharing a photo of my eldest son doing what he loved best a few weeks before his awful accident which left him with disabilities. We still have him with us thank the Good Lord, he has a wonderful wife and two beautiful girls who fought so hard along with the medical staff to help his recovery.

I hope you're all well and life is treating you well.
I'm pleased to say my first week of radiotherapy is now complete, just 2 more weeks to go. Looking at all the appointments when they first gave me the list was a bit daunting but I'm pleased to say it feels like its gone so quickly. I think it helps having the weekends treatment free, one lovely lady we sat talking to had to rely on hospital transport, she lives over an hr away from Sheffield in the opposite direction to us. Bless her heart she's also w/chair bound waited for the ambulance who were 2 hrs late picking her up. The machine I'd been on the day before had broken down so she had to wait another 2 hrs for treatment. She left the area about 90mins before we did when we got to the entrance she was still waiting for them to pick her up!
She looked so tired, thankfully they turned up as we were talking to her.

One of my dislikes may seem trivial to some but whilst having treatment I can't wear deodorant on that side and am paranoid about not smelling nice. I have to clean the area with mild perfume free soap however I was told after drying I can use a very small amount of corn flour mixed with bicarbonate of soda and this will help and it does lol.
They were a bit concerned today because Dolly Parton as I've named her was swollen, hot and an angry red looking, I thought it was due to the treatment. They decided to go ahead today because I'm not having any treatment for two days plus I have an appointment with the oncologist on Monday before my treatment. If it doesn't settle down they may have to suspend treatment again, I'm keeping everything crossed they don't or it will mean my appointments will run into Christmas.

Going there is tiring, it takes a very big chunk out of my day, I've not had the chance to do any sewing but meeting the other patients keeps me aware of the fact I could be one heck of a lot worse off.

I upgraded my iPhone recently to the iPhone 5, not sure what's wrong with it but the camera isn't working! We called into the Apple store at Meadowhall on Wednesday but have got to take it back next week for the tech boys to sort it out. Apparently its a common fault with the iPhone 5, I don't know if its the same with the 5s or 5c, I didn't have to pay for the upgrade due to being on contract but I know they're not cheap to buy. If I had bought it I'd be pretty miffed it has developed a problem so soon.

Due to having to rest I've been getting my sewing fix from the blogs I love to visit without feeling guilty being on the commi. Oh my goodness there has been some wonderful work produced out there, beautiful quilts, samplers and other goodies. It's also given next the chance to watch tutorials on various needle crafts. Thank you ladies for the pleasure I've had looking at your work.

I also visited some thrifting and gardening blogs which has provided a lot of new recipes especially when using squash. I really enjoy them roasted, thanks to the farm near our bolt hole we are enjoying the fruits of their labour along with delicious pumpkins and unusual squash I've never seen before. We've got purée'd and roasted ready for using stored in the freezer, also our local Lydl store have been selling different ones.

I came home today to roast pork with all the trimmings for dinner, all the dirty clothes washed and dried. The dusting done and floors washed, no I didn't have a visit from the housework fairy it was all done by Mr B bless him. I thought he may enjoy an evening with his climbing friends but he says he's to tired ;0).

I hope you all have a great weekend


Peg xx

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hazel said...

Hi Peg,

So pleased your first week has gone well and do hope "Dolly Parton" will be alright.

Which hospital are you attending?

Try and have a nice weekend.


Peg Botham said...

Hi Hazel

I'm one of the lucky ones, I attend Weston Park cancer hospital the far side of Sheffield. Its one of 4 throughout the country dedicated to the research and treatment of cancer. They are absolutely brilliant, everything is geared for the patients well being. The staff are great, it has surprised me that although they are treating many patients throughout each day they quickly learn their names. This is a link to it.

We first went there with my friend over 30yrs ago, things have changed so much since then, sadly she didn't come home. Next door is an excellent large children's hospital and nearby Charles Clifford dental teaching hospital. Also we pass Sheffield Uni on the way. As you can imagine its a very busy area, the only complaints you hear are concerning parking.

It will be nice to just chill out, the worse part is the travelling its very heavy traffic all through the day.

Enjoy your weekend too

Hugs Peg xx

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