Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beautiful Autumn and a tiring day

Although I love to see the vast variety of colours through the summer, my favourite being the pansies, I absolutely love autumn. The uncountable variations of gold, the warmth of the deeper earthy colours, there's nothing like it.
The above isn't my photo I found it on google search, as I did this one

This is so warm and inviting, like a dish of warm, soft caramel ready to dive into.

We have rain and cooler weather forecast for our region, thankfully we'll avoid the snow I think that's forecast for Scotland. As we'll be travelling the 2hr round trip to the hospital every week day for the next 3 weeks I'm hoping the snow keeps at bay here. I love it if I can hibernate inside:) I have a 4 x 4 that can handle the snow but my daughter who'll be driving isn't keen on ice or snow.

It's been a very tiring day, my treatment was cancelled for 2 weeks due to me having a severe infection. I've had it for over a month with two courses of strong antibiotics doing very little. Last Thursday saw us back at the hospital again, this time they did an ultrasound that revealed a lot of fluid that wasn't helping so that was drained off. Slowly over the past few days it's eased so it was fingers crossed that they wouldn't delay me starting my treatment again.

We got to the hospital about 12.45pm, my appointment was for 1.10pm but I like to be there in plenty of time. Two hours later I finally got to see the consultant who was happy for them to start my treatment. We had a meeting with a radiographer who explained again what would be happening over the next 3wks, he gave me a new set of appointments then cheered me up making me aware of the side effects I could expect. Also what I could and could not do and the importance of resting and pacing myself especially with the travelling putting 2hrs on the day.
I went to sit in the area to wait for my treatment, during the next 20 mins 3 inpatients joined me plus a few out patients. Another hour went by, I had no problem with the inpatients going first, but got a little frustrated when the outpatient numbers started dwindling and I'm still sat there.
I received several apologies throughout the afternoon but eventually went in for my first treatment. It wasn't as scary as I imagined or to long, I'd already had the tattoo marks put on when I went on the 4th November so just over 6 hrs after leaving home we were back. I was and still am shattered, I came to bed before 11pm which is a first for me.
Tomorrow should be better and not take as long thank goodness. Now I'm putting my ipad down, turning out the light and seeing if I can get some sleep I'm up early tomorrow because my appt tomorrow is at 11.10am.

I hope you enjoy your day:0)


Peg xx

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hazel said...

Hi Peg,

Thinking of you at this time while you are undergoing treatment. My young sister had her first day of radiotherapy atnd like you will continue for another 3 weeks.

Have plenty of rest.


Peg Botham said...

Thanks Hazel, my thoughts go out to you both I know its a worrying time. After Monday it's gone a lot more smoothly.

Peg xx

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