Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If at first you don't succeed.

I was trying to be clever yesterday and post a link to some photos unfortunately that didn't work so will put the photos on instead.

I'll take you on a tour of my garden area, tea and biscuits provided free of charge.

My garden, my refuge, my small but comfy summerhouse and of course little poser Georgi. The chiminea is still under cover.

My vintage Royal Albert ornamental teapot and a magazine or two

One of my samplers and ornamental bird cage with perfumed candle & lights in, it looks really nice when lit, saving the environment too they're battery operated. The light on the back wall is solar and bright.

More magazines to peruse with a snugly vintage eiderdown if it turns chilly.

Another book or two and another snugly eiderdown, room for two, anyone want to join me?

Cd corner the player is under the table, we will paint the tables and corner shelf when we have more time later. I have the curtains ready just waiting for Mr B to have time to put the rails up, I'll share that in another post. I don't need to make them my lovely DIL Philly made them. I'll be making some cushion covers hopefully next week, I have the inserts and fabric ready and waiting.

Secluded eating corner, awaiting new chairs. We're bringing the two spare ones from the caravan they're more comfy.

Oh to swing and dream, soooo comfy, the quilted rug is necessary when little doglets decide to jump up and snooze.

My Bay tree, bistro table and lamp, again, solar. Sadly one of the globes was accidentally broken so I've ordered a replacement.

I've wanted a Japanese acre for years and love the deep coloured display, along with this my Lavender shrub and pot chrysanthemums make up this corner. That's my big man Nemo in the back ground.

From the steps, the little shed in the corner is for storage, I don't go there just incase little scurrying visitors are in residence.

Another from the steps

Looking into the house

Not a large garden but it's ours and we love it, the fence is 6' my neighbour has conifers the other side and asked if we minded her letting them grow higher, no it gives us more privacy.

So there you have it our little haven from the bustle of life.

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KC'sCourt! said...

Your garden looks lovely - I love the Summer House
Julie xxxxx

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I'm sure it is nice having a cute place to sit alone or with someone to enjoy your garden and a sip of tea. I read in your profile that you work with a dog rescue program. God bless you for that and for having a heart full of love for the precious little ones. I am a dog lover and have 4 small ones at this time. My Grandmother passed away in April and had wanted me to take care of her 3 year old poodle which I was happy to do. If I lived in the country, I probably would have as many as I could take care of. Thank you for coming to Your Cozy Home Party. Next week will be the Grill, BBQ and Picnic Party so I hope you can come for that. Before I finish this little book that I have seemed to write ( ha ha ), let me tell you how pretty your header is! The lamp you told me about is beautiful and must be very special to you. The End.------------- Shannon

Lynn Dykstra said...

I feel cooler just looking at these lovely gardens!

Lucas said...

very nice blog you have you here.. like it..


then i will die happy!

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