Saturday, May 26, 2012

Isn't it nice to see some sunshine?

The links aren't working will try again ! It's been a beautiful day here in sunny Derbyshire, I awoke this morning to an unusual quietness around the house, it's usually a hive of baking and cooking by Mr B. On coming downstairs the back door was open and the contents of my grooming room were on the pavers in front of the steps.

I need to explain a little here first, I have an awful and some may say pathetic phobia about mice and their larger kin, rats. When we had the new kitchen installed and my bedroom made over we stored quite a bit of the bedroom stuff in the grooming room, these items weren't put back for a while so I wasn't able to get in there for quite some time.

To my horror when I did I noticed there was evidence of visitors, not the pleasant kind, those with 4 legs and an obscene tail the only good thing about it was they were the smaller variety! That was it, I refused to go in, childish you may think, I don't mind spiders, moths, bees etc. Luckily all bedroom contents were in large plastic storage tubs inpenetrable (sp?) from the outside by scurrying things. Everything was thoroughly washed although unnecessary, however the lidless tubs holding my grooming tools etc didn't go unscathed. The blooming monsters had been in them!!

Then this morning there was Mr B very kindly extracting the contents and scrubbing everything down for me. With the contents out it was possible to see they had not made a home in there by nesting but were literally visiting or being nosey, they must have been rather peeved at me because no food was kept in there and thankfully they didn't punish me by chewing anything.

Bless him he really went to town with the disinfecting and scrubbing, I couldn't thank him enough for what he'd done. Now the only items in there need to be and I can see all areas so am happy to go back inside and keep my munchkins tidy. Their treats box is in there now but has a strong lid, if you'd like to see the results please click on the link below.

A lovely visitor to my blog has emailed and asked if I could please share photos of my garden, this link is below if you should wish to also see. I love my garden now, it has served as a refuge from the constant ringing phone, a place I can either sit quietly or listen to classical music or catch up on my audio books with my ipod. We're very lucky in having neighbours who are out at work all day so it's nice and quite. Our garden area isn't massive but we're happy with it. It was rather large when we first moved in but we used one side of it to have a large garage built. Having the dogs mean't any grassed area would be ruined, I have 6 girls and grass doesn't fair well.

So last year we decided to have it all paved with Indian slabs, I got my longed for conservatory, summer house, grooming room and my lovely garden swing. The pics aren't fantastic, I'm not to good with the camera and a great view would have been overhead I suppose but I don't own a chopper lol.

 I have my lovely mediteranian style pots with a Japanese Maple for which I've wanted for years, they also hold my Lavender shrub, Bay tree and pot chrysanthimums. It's easier to keep clean and tidy, the slabs need a rinse down daily but that's not a problem.

I do have lovely solar lights all around in the pots, some of them are along the fence, summer house and along the edges of the paved area. Photos I take of them never come out right. The small shed beside the summerhouse is just for storage and not one I go into just in case lol.I would love extensive grounds with landscaped gardens and sitting areas but I haven't and I'm happy with what I have, it's managable.
I do love Mr B :o)

Here's the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend, we're off to my elder sons tomorrow for a bbq, I love it over there too there's often shows or festivals going on especially with LadyBower Dam being so close.

take care

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Kris said...

Hi Peg!! Thank you for visiting me at Simplify, and leaving such a nice message! I have been here to visit you and your blog and see that we both quilt, crochet and knit!!! Love all of your little furry friends!!!
I will be back!!!
XO Kris

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