Friday, January 17, 2014

Another week gone

Gosh I don't know whether it's because I'm getting older or the world is moving quicker. Last Friday only seems a couple of days ago.

I haven't been very active this week, I've felt fluey but no cold or cough developed so I've been catching up reading blogs I like to visit.
Nothing better when you're feeling under the weather, home made Potato and Leek soup with home made bread.

I love making my own bread, so much better for you, the only downside is it gets eaten so quickly :) Since my op I've not been able to carry on doing it, we don't like shop bread very much so Mr B took over the mantle. He's not very fond of making it by hand. We have bought bread making machines but tbh I don't like the taste and it goes dry to quickly. However just before Christmas Mr B treated himself to this baby below. She's the Panasonic SD 2501, we waited eagerly for the first loaf to be baked wondering if we'd made the same mistake as before. The timer pinged and she was finished baking, friends I have to say this bread machine is absolutely great and well worth the money!!!! With the other machines you had to add milk powder and butter to the mix with this one you use only water for liquid and butter but it tastes just as good as a hand made loaf. We're very pleased with it and we would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a bread machine.
We don't like using supermarket flour for bread so when we're ready for stocking up on this  

We head off to Cauldwell Mill near Bakewell in the Peak District, not far from where we live, the mill is the original one that has been there for over 600 yrs. you can find details and what is also there if you click here
More photos,
the shop from the doorway

the car park

Mr B just leaving the shop

Well worth a visit if you're ever in the area, their granary flour is wonderful also, no additives!
One more thing before I go:

I recently mentioned Heather Bradley a lovely lady who I exchanged machines with, please do click on her name and go visiting. She has a couple of recent great tutorials on there, Heather is a registered Craft Teacher and I wish her the very best in the future. She's one very clever lady and available for teaching. Below is a beautiful bag she made for her daughter to keep her PE kit in. I love it!

Enjoy your weekend


Peg xx


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Hope you're starting to pick up for the weekend. I love home made soup and definitely have the same problem of getting through home made bread too quickly :)

Caz said...

First time of commenting,, thank you for being a follower of my blog. I use a bread maker,,, although the bread doesn't last long,,, gets eaten quickly!

Peg Botham said...

Thanks Cheryl today has been easier and we have a 'gentle' weekend planned. I don't thin there's anything like a piece of home made bread and butter :)

Hi Caz thank you for visiting an becoming a follower, when I was able to mak my own I could guarantee I'd have visitors. Mum always made her own and my Grandmother.

Peg xx

hazel said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better now Peg and looking forward to some nice days in your little hideaway soon.

I would love a slice of homemade bread now with a good butter on it.

Love your friends bag.

I am now using some of your Aida to work Christmas Quaker on.

Have a good week we are having some nice sunny days here in the south.


Julie said...

Hope your doing better Peg. I make my own bread and grind my own wheat. There is nothing like a fresh piece of bread & butter! Yum! I am folowing your blog and slowly working my way through and getting to know you. Where in Derbyshire do you live? I'm originaly from Manchester and have a cousin in Padfield.

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