Friday, January 3, 2014

A little more..

Hello lovely ladies, I hope today finds you well. We've been blessed with a day of glorious sunshine despite rain forcast again. The rain yesterday didn't stop each time we went outside the rain came bursting in the back door. Bless his heart Mr B did the washing but had to dry it in the tumble dryer it made for less ironing though I was able to fold t shirts etc as they came out. I've managed to iron a few items before fatigue hit but it's a start.
I was able to crochet another 3 rows on my ripple blanket, I sorted wool in the colours I want to use, left it on my bed, went into the bathroom for a call of nature got back to find 2 balls strewn across and around the bedroom curtesy of this little tyke! Don't be fooled by the innocent it wasn't me I was sleeping look.

Yesterday when I mentioned the blanket I said it was Lucy's tutorial but I didn't mention that if you click on her name it will take you to her tutorial.

I mentioned in an earlier post about my acquisition of a beautiful Singer 201K in her own cabinet/table. On Tuesday I decided rather that us try and correct the fault and possibly damage her I would take her and have her looked at. We took Betsy in to the machine dr near Sheffield reluctantly leaving her worrying I would get a call to say sorry she can't be repaired. However I'm so pleased to say he's rung me this morning and  Betsy can be repaired and working properly again, yeeaahh.  

The good news is she only needs a couple of small parts to get her running properly again and she can come home after 11:30am tomorrow! There is the cost of the labour but the parts will cost £18, I ordered a new foot control from another shop, this one works but I noticed a little fraying on the wire cover and I am very wary of electricity so have replaced it. He's told me after her service and the 2 new parts she will give me many years of  service. I know my Mum had an old treadle in her conservatory which she'd used, what happened to it when her home was cleared I don't know. Betsy doesn't do fancy stitches but I've got my others for that.

Last year I purchased some cones of thread from a couple closing down their sewing business, there wasn't a photo and I bought blind. I wasn't scammed thankfully but I had no idea they were going to be so big! I have difficulty even lifting up some of them this is just 2 of them, I took a photo with my hand touching one of them so they can see how big they are.

I don't think I'm going to use them so have offered them on my local freecycle I'm just waiting for the 4 people getting back to me to arrange collection. There are some great people out there on FC, when I was asking for duvets and fabric so one of our volunteers could make dog beds for our rescue dogs I was inundated with offers. I ended up with many duvets and loads of fabric suitable for dog beds and was able to pass on both some of the duvets and fabric to another rescue. I had the same response when I asked if anyone had any wool which we needed for dog jumpers. A chap asked for a dog guard, I had one but it wasn't any use for my car, long story, I answered his request he was so pleased and asked if I could use a dog crate, 2 mths old, so the rescue had a new dog crate to use. It's great passing on something that someone is going to be able to use.

Take care
hugs Peg


Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Your dogs are gorgeous. Happy new year :)xx

Peg Botham said...

Thanks Cheryl they're little monkeys, just as bad as having 8 small children around lol. A very happy and healthy new year to you and yours too.

Peg xx

hazel said...

Hi Peg,

Glad you have got Betsy fixed for a reasonable price.

I read your answer to my comment with sadness and yes one day she will have to answer for her nastiness.

I haven't tried free cycle must take a look at it.

Happy new year to you and your family.


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