Thursday, January 23, 2014

What a variation.

The day started out with the ground covered in a very cold white all over frost, visibility was down to a few yards due to a thick icy fog. By lunchtime the sun was showing her face and the temperature had risen. I even tried a few items of clothing on the line but they weren't impressed and asked if they could please have 1/2hr or so in the warm tumble dryer and promised to be quick. I gave in and credit to them they were dry under the 1/2hr time, folded and put away.
Later in the afternoon the weather decided we needed a smidgen of rain, for all of 2 mins, if you blinked you missed it! The other day it was extremely cold Mr B only works three days now he starts at 6am comes home at 9.30 am then goes back at 2.30 until 6pm. Some of the munchkins had been sleeping on his chair because its near the radiator and I sit well away from it lol.
He came in, removed them and sat down to drink his cuppa, this is what happened the other 4 decided to stay with me lol.

I have actually done a little bit of sewing, paper piecing without the papers using Heathers tutorial which you will find here at

There are still quite a few to do as you can see by the pile on the bottom right of the photo, once these are added to those already sew together then the top will be ready for sandwiching and quilting. All the hexi's are handstitched so it's not a rush job but the colours are so pretty. The part sewn top and remaining fabric was for sale quite cheaply a few years ago on ebay, I was a complete novice then thinking ooh I'd love to complete it. I must admit I can't hand sew for long at the moment so it's not going to be finished in just a few days. It is an ideal project though as a change from crochet when Mr B enforces the hospitals rules about resting.
I'm not really sure yet what pattern the original quilter was aiming for as its a bit higgledy piddly. I need to lay it out on my bed I think to see if I can work out what her thoughts of pattern were. Whoever she was she has put a lot of patience and many hours sewing them together. She used newspaper to piece the others and I'm hoping when I take these out there'll be at least one piece with the date on. If I remember right it was the sellers Mum who'd passed away.
I have another one which is hand sewn but that's in diamonds and darker fabrics all cut from clothing worn by family members.

I was looking through some boxes the other day and found some socks I've knitted so will post about those tomorrow.

Well its 3am and I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow, or later today so I'd better try and get some sleep.

Take care


Peg xx

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Julie said...

Aww what a cosy cuddle up pic of your hubby and his friends.
Patchwork is something I have never tried, it does look lovley when completed, enjoy doing yours.
Hope all goes well at the hospital for you today.

Julie said...

I have never tried paper piecing Peg, but will take a look at the tutorial link you posted. 3am an you're still up?! Looks like your husband neds to get realy strict about the hospital rest rules! xx

Caz said...

I made a hexie quilt,, all hand stitched. Took me over 3 years to complete it. Like your doggies.

hazel said...

Hi, hope all is well with you.

Your hexagon quilt is going to look so pretty. I handmade one back in 1984 using over 1500 hexagons. It was called Grandmothers garden, I use lots of scraps from the homemade dresses of my daughter and the white path was old shirts. I was lucky at the time and we ran a Cub Scout group and got the shirts from leftovers at our jumble sales.

Your babies look so at home on your husbands chair.

Have a good weekend Peg.


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