Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where does the time go?

I thought I had written a post for early December but alas no I must have been dreaming again! How is everyone, thank you for visiting and I hope all is well with you and your families.

As I wrote in my last post Mr B has had a lot of hospital and dr's visits he's shattered now and a bit fed up of sitting in waiting rooms. The results of all the test carried out on his bladder have shown it is fine so we're celebrating that outcome but the downside is now they've ruled out bladder problems it's more likely to be cancer. We are both mystified as to why they can't do an MRI until February but have been told that they need more blood tests at intervals between now and then, One of his climbing buddies rang him the other night to offer his support, he has been through the same it took them almost 5yrs before they did a biopsy under a GA so it could be more thorough, This showed without any doubt his was cancer and he's had the necessary treatment, he is slowly coming out the other side. It helped Mr B to talk to someone who knows what he's feeling and what his fears are, it's not all that long since Mr B's middle brother passed away very quickly after being diagnosed with a different cancer. We haven't given up, we're both keeping each other as positive as we can. Better news on the blood pressure front, they've tried him on a Beta Blocker which took a few days to get used to but we think it's helping. He's back at the drs tomorrow for a check up with that.

On a happier note I've finished my quilt as you go quiltalong quilt I was doing with other ladies from around the world. I used fabric from Tilda, cotton batting and the backing a light blue floral on a dark blue background. I'm really pleased with it and will certainly use this method again. The photo isn't brilliant we've had rather nasty weather here I took the pic in the sun room but no sun this day :)
It was my youngest Granddaughters 18th birthday this month both she and my youngest Grandson have birthdays a couple of days before mine. I wanted her to have something she could snuggle into and think of her old Nan when she does. I loved making this quilt knowing who it was for.
I had to quilt this on my dining table so I could fit the quilt on whilst sewing, even my nails co-ordinated that day. Totally unintentional.
She loved it, which made it all worthwhile.

I used a Jelly Roll from a seller on ebay who puts the most lovely co-ordinating prints together. cotton batting and the backing is a pretty ditsy  little rose on a white background.
I've also just quilted an autumnal quilt which is made up of 4" patches and bordered in a pale gold fabric. I will post a pic of that one next post.

Well I have a lot to catch up on and if I don't do it all in this post I'll just have to write another tomorrow won't I ;)

Enjoy whatever craft makes you happy

Peg xx


Julie said...

Beautiful quilts, you gave been busy.
Wishing you both a wonderful Christmastime.

Sew This N That said...

Hi my friend :) glad to hear that Neil is keeping positive, it is very frustrating being left dangling by the doctors...sometimes you just want to scream and rip their heads off...but that anger does you no good.

I think the reason you thought you had done a blog post about the quilts is because you facebooked them :) I tend to forget about my blog if I am updating on fb :)
Is that a 1930's Singer I spy in the back ground ;)

ted and bunny said...

wishing you the best for the coming year xx

Peg said...

Thank you ladies, yes Heather it is she has pride of place, whenever I sit to eat, sew on my dining table or sit at this desktop commi she is in my sight line. I'm still trying to obtain a handle for her but no luck yet.
You're right I did fb them not here lol eeehh and that's without drinking!

Peg x

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi Peg, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment. May I also wish you and yours a better 2015 and I hope better health. Big hugs Jenny x

Gillian Salmons said...

Sending you both my very best positive thoughts - I understand your feelings at this time. I love the quilt too. Gilli @ Tasty Textiles by Textile Cottage

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