Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Humbled by the past

Below are some photos of a Victorian nightdress I recently bought, I won't be wearing it I'm afraid my figure belongs to the Rubinesque period :o). When I bought it I washed it and whilst pressing it I began to realise what a feat this and it's like must have been. It is completely handstitched with tiny stitches, I had to get a magnifying glass to see them properly. I thought about the hours it must have taken, I have 2 sewing machines, 2 lamps especially for stitching with magnifying lamps and I have comfy chairs to sit in whilst doing any of my crafts. When I've finished something I'm really pleased but the ladies who stitched in this era had very little light, perhaps a candle or gas light, in all honesty I cannot say I would be able to complete such a wonderful garment if I had to hand stitch it.

Please click on the photos to see the stitching detail.

This is why I feel very humbled by the ladies of the past, my admiration runs over.

have a wonderful peace filled day

hugs Peg :o)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Sigh, I love this post!! The night dress is so lovely...and I know just what you mean about it being humbling. It is truly amazing what those ladies could make.

Joyce said...

I LOVEEEE that nightdress. It's lovely! I will have to find something like that I had one similar in the past but need another one! HA!
Be Blessed,
Joyce M.

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