Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Lesson Learnt

Last week a friend gave me a couple of last years New stitches magazines she had finished with. On reading them I found a lovely pair of mittens to knit which had embroidery on the back of the hand to complete the look. Mmmmm these look nice I thought so started them the next day.

The pattern called for wool but I thought cashmere would be nice and I have quite a lot of it so that's the way I went.
They are knit on 4 double ended needles but I used a circular needle instead, once the cuff has been knit the remainder of the mitten is knit from the inside.

After the cuff I followed the pattern, after the row which required putting 15 stitches onto a piece of wool to keep for the thumb I started the next row, that's when trouble hit!

I knit and undid it 5 times, carefully going over what I'd done but the pattern just went haywire on the 21st row. This went on for 3 days, yesterday I decided to email the magazine and ask if anyone else had found a mistake or was I completely missing the obvious. I've been knitting since I was 10yrs old so am not a novice.
I am very relieved and pleased to say I received a reply to my email today. She told me I could stop pulling my hair out as there are 3 not 1 but 3 mistakes in the pattern!!

She very kindly said she would look through her files and find the revised pattern and send it to me, phew!!! So now I have to put them on one side until I hear from her again with the corrected pattern.

I honestly feel the lesson God was showing me was that unless I live my life on the right path and follow the pattern He has set out for me chaos will and does reign in my life :o)

Enjoy your evening I'm off to read a few blogs

hugs Peg :o)

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Anonymous said...

HI Peg, what a beautiful post you have written. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Its a great thing that you took the time to wtite the magazine otherwise they may have never known. I hope you get the correct pattern, those gloves in cashmere sound incredible! bye for now...

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