Monday, October 8, 2007

Those left behind

I am not a political animal, rightly or wrongly I find politics boring. I have no interest in getting into an argument with anyone about how our country is run. We've seen the back of Tony Blair and are now at the mercy of Gordon Brown, whichever way he leads us we'll have to follow unless anarchy rears it's ugly head.

I do feel though for the many parents and families who have lost their loved ones killed in action. Sons. daughters, Mum's, Dads, Brothers, it goes on and on. **Last May 28th we were to be found in the waiting room of a strange hospital a long way from home to where our eldest son had been airlifted after a horrendous motorbike accident. The dr's were fighting to save his life, in the words of one of them, his body and internal organs were totally smashed and his body broken. They told us they would fight and work on him but he wouldn't last the night through. **

I have put bold on the sentences above because apparently it has upset someone and they have reacted so viciously I think I should clarify. This person trawled through 5 yrs of posts to find something to critisize me for.

I was not and did not want to imply I was physically in the waiting room of the hospital, neither was my husband he was sat on a train coming home from the Isle of Skye to be with my son and like me living a night of hell and uncertainty.
After hearing the news of his accident my heart and mind did not want to accept that my beautiful boy could die. I along with my daughter and sister spent the night here waiting for phone calls from my son in law and son, my mind and heart were inside the room they were in working on my son, willing him not to die and for God not to take him from us. The same with my daughter, it could have snowed and my roof fall in and I wouldn't have noticed my mind was elsewhere as would any other loving mothers be.

My cry to God was please not to take him, take me, I've lived my life my children are all grown and living independant lives, he has a wife and 2 beautiful young daughters and everything to live for. I don't to this day know why but God gave us back our son, it was a long hard year and he is still recovering. He will always have a disability and I have to ring him sometimes to reassure myself he is still here.

I feel it very sad that this person (my sister) should feel the need to bring up the pain of 5yrs ago to make her look good in the eye's of others. I have news for you dear, it doesn't, it makes you look a sad vindictive and vicious person who can't get on with her life. How much better you would feel if instead of being so bitter and twisted you looked for something positive in life.

I once told you that you would end up a sad, bitter lonely old woman if you didn't change your attitude to other people and how you speak to and treat them sadly you have. Bitterness eats away at you, try looking for the good in people before trampling on them.

Had God decided it was time to take my son I don't know what I would have done, but I can know the pain parents are going through when their child is taken from them. Contrary to believe it doesn't matter whether that child is in his first yrs of life or left home with children of his own the pain is no less.

One such are the parents of Sgt First Class Matthew Blaskowski one of the many who have given their lives that we may live. If like me you would like to leave a message of condolences for his parents and family please click on the link below. Please do not leave messages anti or pro war, they don't need that but if you can find it in your heart to let them know you are keeping them in your heart and prayers I'm sure it would help to know you are there. Sgt Matthew Blaskowski

Thank you for visiting and reading, I hope you enjoyed your time here I love to read comments left by such as yourselves so please feel free, who knows you may have the most wonderful blog which like the many others bless me whenever I read them.
Take care, let your family know you love and care for them

hugs from my heart

Peg :o)


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. We are still waiting for the baby to come only 6 days until due date now.
Losing a child must be terrible, it is something you just can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peg, thank you for visiting our Blog, you are welcome always! I read your Blog with a touch of sadness, we lost my brother (Jacqui's Uncle) two years ago and I know first hand what my parents went through. Blessings to your son, we hope he continues on a fast track to full recovery :) Jenn and Jacqui

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