Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another week gone!

I thought I'd share a few of my treasures with you all, these are some of the beautiful items left by my MIL when she passed away.

I have no idea who the woman and little girl are I just love the ambience of it, the beads and pearls also belonged to her.

These nylons were given to me a while ago, they had been bought for a friends Mum as part of a Christmas gift from her husband years ago. As you can see they were never worn and came complete with packaging.

If you click on the picture you will see they were purchased in 1963, the year before I left school. I have them in my bedroom tied with a pink ribbon.

This delightful teapot is one of my favourite things, annoyingly I chipped a piece off getting it ready for the picture thankfully I have the piece so will glue it back on.

This is the scene on top of the teapot, isn't it just adorable?

These small heart shape boxes were in her belongings too, I love their simplicity.

These two small candle holders are so pretty and share a place on the chest of drawers in my bedroom with the Lavender and Rose water.

I have a few more to share with you but will save those for another day, :o)

I have a 100 or more ideas running through my head on quilts and a few other things I'd like to make, I need to make more time for what I want to do. The weeks seem to go by so quickly or is it because I'm getting older?

The other day I managed to buy some 'net' curtains in Pops Attic a delightful second hand shop I've been driving past for the the last 20yrs or more and never entered until a couple of weeks ago and it's an Aladdin's cave. They were only a few pence each, I bought them because of the beautiful 16" deep thick cream lace which is on the bottom. I've spent a couple of hours today removing this from the 'net' so I can reuse it I have a few projects in mind for it.

I talked hubby into going to a large car boot sale about 15mins drive away this morning. It's been running for yrs but we've never been, within 5 mins of being there oh boy was he glad we'd gone.......we came across a seller who had not one but two nearly new tripods, luckily he had his camera with him and was able to try it for stability. He chose the one at £12 which means now I can have sole use of the lightweight one we recently purchased. This of course spurred him on :o)

I wanted two wooden table lamp bases for our bedroom, yes similar to the ones I use to collect and paint then gave them all away a few years ago! I'd been looking on ebay for those and a large mirror for our bedroom wall just above the 2 chest of drawers but they were either way out of my price range or were reasonable but collect only. The collect only's were about 300+ miles away so not cost effective.

I'm cock-a-hoop now because I found not only 2 but 3 of the lamp bases I wanted and got them at £1.50 each and further on I saw an old large wood framed mirror so made a beeline for it. The two chaps were asking £1 for it, can you believe it??? they said if I gave them £4 I could have the fan and the 3 kids in the van too......I settled for just the mirror LOL. The wood is in excellent condition and the mirror needs cleaning but no marking or chips I'm sooooo pleased. I just need to sand it down and paint it now, I also got a lovely pr of white curtains with a lilac trim down one side with beautiful flowers embroidered around the edges. It's been a weekend of bargains, yesterday we had to go to Matlock to take hubbies time sheets or he and his staff wouldn't have been paid this week because of the postal strike. Whilst there I called in the charity shops and found a delightful large crocheted blanket and a small one too. They both came out of the wash looking perky and beautiful, to end our weekend of bargains I came home to find I'd won a darling little throw/quilt for a few £'s on ebay.

Earlier in the week I won 2 feather Eiderdowns on ebay, sadly they won't be here before the end of next week because of the postal strike, but I can wait, just hoping they don't get lost in the backlog of parcels. I was also searching for a quilt rail to hang them on but although they start at a reasonable price they go rather high with the fanatical bidding. I checked out my local Argos and can get a brand new one for £12.99 so may go that way. I have the perfect place on the landing to put one and display the quilts I have, our landing is barley white walls with white paintwork so the quilts will add some nice colour without being garish.

I need to get some of my stitched samplers framed so they can also be hung on the walls, they look pretty bare at the moment.

Well I think that's all for today, thank you for popping by I hope you enjoyed your visit, please leave a comment even so I can pop into your blog too. I already read so many but I just love them and feel really at home in them all.

Take care, until next time

Peg :o)

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Vintage Mosaic Boutique said...


Thankyou for visiting my blog and being so kind. I love your treasures especially that it so wonderful! Vintage treasures are so much more special when they are handed down and not just bought.

Kind wishes,
Siobhan :)

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