Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not a good day!

The munchkins drove me crackers today, it takes me awhile to get going in the mornings and I have to do a little, sit a little and so on. What would normally take someone a couple of hrs takes me twice as long.
I wanted to get on with tidying so I could finally start cutting out for a quilt I have in mind so after sweeping the floors, running the mop over I then used my floor polisher which is a dream to use even a child could do it. All finished downstairs, kitchen tidy, dishwasher emptied, beds made; I slipped into the dining room to put my wool basket out of Paddingtons reach as he has a tendency to try and wrap wool around the rooms.
The site which met my eyes made me want to scream, which I must say I held back, the sitting room, hall and kitchen floors had what looked like a million muddy paw marks over them. The back door was open and I'm sure they'd had a mud party out there. I sat on the bottom of the stairs fantasizing about hanging them from the kitchen beams by their tails but decided it would be just my luck to have visitors who would call the rspca so shut them in the kitchen and started again.

I finally came upstairs around 12 noon, had just decided what fabric to use got everything out then DH decided he needed to print out some pages for the accountant tomorrow, he pays tax & national insurance on his earnings from being a power seller on ebay. Now this room is mine and I thought I would have predominance over it. His computer is the mother one networked to mine and I forgot he can send items to print out. Well where is the the side of the cutting table so each time I started he came in for the next lot of papers. I gave up he was printing for 2 1/2 hrs and used all my black ink. This didn't bode well for my state of mind I can tell you!

After he'd finished I thought I'd leave the cutting until he'd gone back to work so decided to cut the king sized duvet into dog bed sizes and stitch them. Whilst I'm stitching the first one I felt it tugging back, next I hear a growl and on looking down see Zebedee sitting on the duvet bottom with a sizable chunck in his mouth. After risking life & limb I removed the offending munchkin to his bed and continued.

In the middle of this DH came home from work saying he was dying, couldn't stop sneezing, nose running, sore know the way men describe a common cold. I then had to go out to get him some Night Nurse which he isn't really supposed to have because it has a decongestant in it but he insisted it was the only thing to save him. He then went back to work for the remainder of the afternoon.

I have to admit by now I was almost at the stage of steam coming out of the ears, have you ever noticed when men are doing something you must not disturb them, when we are we're fair game for interuptions.
Don't get me wrong I love the bones of him and am lost when he's away climbing but somedays...........
Now though I feel really awful for the way I've been a bit sharp, he came home about 10 mins ago and presented me with a box of 24 pks of quilting templates!
I hang my head in shame and will whip myself with 4 lengths of wet thread for 20 mins later this evening for punishment.
A new headmaster has joined the school and insists, politely, that each teacher sorts out their areas and throws out anything which they haven't used for at least a yr. They were a bit bolshy about it at first, he said the school was one of the cleanest he'd ever seen but it had some health & safety issues with, in his words.....'unnecessary clutter'.
He's right Neil's been trying for yrs to make life easier for his cleaning staff. Now there's a very large skip on the school drive and Neil got the chance to use his new electric saw which name escapes me at the moment but it cuts metal and concrete. He chopped up old desks and chairs no longer needed.
The templates were in the science cupboard along with a few sewing magazines, Neil remembered the original Headmaster, Hew (who was Welsh and believed in teaching kids crafts) ordering them for the children to learn but they haven't been used in double figure yrs so the new head said I could have them if I could put them to good use.
I will probably sooth his fevered brow for him later, Neils not Paul the
Well off to try and get some cutting out done...........fingers crossed !!!
hugs Peg

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