Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zebedee update

Last Wednesday I took Zebedee to the vets to, as I thought, have his long hair cut back whilst under sedation. Apparently they had to give him extra because he was fighting it so it cost me and extra £15. I dropped him off in the morning at 9.20am and collected him at 4pm. To say I was shocked is an understatement, instead of cutting his body hair they had spent time brushing and cutting out the lugs, which was ok but he wont let us brush him so I'm still faced with the problem of grooming. The main shock was seeing his face, they have shaved his face hair off completely to just above his eyebrows and infront of his ears. He looked horrendous and to be honest scarey. I could have cried why oh why didn't they do as I asked and paid for and cut his coat to about 1" all over.
He's not forgiven me and since then has been even more aggressive. Yesterday he was looking up at me and I noticed a few spots of blood on his bedding, I looked under his chin and they must have started 'hacking' this is the only word to describe it, away at his coat and had cut into his skin. He looks so sore just like a child when they fall and scrape their knees. Of course he won't let me bathe it or put anything on it. I'll have to take him back but how on earth they're going to treat it I don't know. He will not let anyone near his face, he just attacks you. I took a pic of him when I collected him and will post it when I'm back on my own commi. I don't know how we're going to get him to be less aggressive.
I'm beginning to wonder if he's older than we were told when we first adopted him last March. He's like a grumpy old doormouse and sleeps most of the time and hates being disturbed. Any helpful suggestions accepted apart from having him put to sleep ! Believe me when he bites and draws blood I feel like using a rubber mallet on his head.

Megan and Paddington went on Friday for their bath and cut and were both running around like lunatics when they got home showing off their new short hairdos. Trouble is they're both feeling the cold so have an extra blanket to wrap up in in their beds.
I was doing some sorting out in my new sewing room the other day and of course all 4 munchkins were in the midst of it all. I have a spare kingsize duvet which I'm going to cut up and make into large cushion beds for them so I put it on the floor whilst I sorted a box out. Ten minutes later Deeber was flat out on it snoring away, Zebedee near her, Megan and Paddington had pummelled and twirled until they'd formed a nice little nest the other end to accommodate them both and snuggled up together fast asleep! I got a lot more done in the next 2hrs whilst they all slept, it's like having small children when they get in their playing mood :o)

Speaking of playing moods, I think I mentioned in an earlier post I had started crochet and am making a large throw. I keep the wool and my progress panel in a lovely basket I bought from Ikea. Twice now I've come into the room to find the wool trailed around the room and the ball in Paddingtons bed with him sat on it looking for all the world as pleased as punch with his achievement. I now have to put it where he can't get at it and whilst I'm doing the crocheting I keep the wool in a project envelope so he can't get at it or he's worse than a cat

Deeber's now ready for a bath which is a mamoth task in itself, she loves water and grooming but she's soooo heavy and I can't help Neil lift her into the bath and she won't waste any energy jumping in!

Well am now off to surf a little more then going to bed, need to get some more work done on my room and hopefully may be able to start some cutting out for a quilt this weekend.

Take care
hugs Peg

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