Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not around

Hi everyone
Sorry I'm not around at the moment, we're having some work done on the house so the computers are off for the time being. We're hoping to be up and running sometime late next week. It's surprising how you miss something when it's not there! I'm having to post this from my daughters computer.

We had a nice peaceful Christmas, sharing Christmas lunch with my daughter and family. I will upload some pics when I'm on my computer.

I've managed to stitch some more on one of my Chatelaine samplers and have also started to crochet a throw in beiges, cream and browns. I bought a 'learn to crochet' book so am only doing it in the basic treble st. I hope to expand my knowledge of stitches in due course. BWG

I hope you're all having a great start to the new year. I'll be back as soon as I can to bore you to sleep lol. I miss visiting the blogs I enjoy reading so am champing at the bit so to speak to get back online.

Take care everyone


Renee said...

I discovered your blog today and I spent a very moment browsing through it. We have much in common. I'm French but my blog is both in English and French. I'm mother of 5 grown up children (among which 3 were adopted) and the grand mother of a dear little boy and his older sister. I'm keen in cross stitch. I'll come back to visit you soon.

Renee said...

To my previous comment I just want to ask that my husband is teaching god's word too, as I do for children being in charge of the Sunday school teachers.

Peg said...

Thank you Renee for dropping by, nice to see you :o) When I'm online more I'll pop over to your blog and read away. Glad it's in English too I have no other language skills I'm ashamed to say!
hugs Peg

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