Thursday, January 25, 2007

Trying again

Blogger seems to be behaving itself today so I'm going to try again to do the short link 'thing' again.

I love the blogs which have a nostalgic theme, they bring back so many precious memories of my childhood holidays with my grandparents. Blogs with houses like Niki are just like the cottages we used to stay in.

When Neils Mum passed away along with other things we inherited boxes of 'trinkets' and such which she'd treasured, before reading these blogs I would probably just have put them on oneside. Now I know there are people out there who love these items I'll have to go through the boxes and with Neils permission see if I can find them a good loving home.

Well I'll publish this and see if my link works....fingers crossed!! Yeah it works, it isn't underlined but if you click on Niki you will be taken to her blog and onto a journey of pure joy :o)

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