Thursday, January 25, 2007

Party invite

Hi folks you're all invited to a BIG blog party, click on the button and join in. Put on your red dress, high heels, spritz the hair and prepare to meet new friends. Come on it'll be great fun, I'll bring the green salad and homemade Honey & mustard baked ham. Looking forward to seeing you there.
hugs Peg


Susie Q said...

I have really enjoyed reading through everything! I will be back often! You are such a dear lady and I am so glad we can get to know one another through our blogs!
And, of course, you live in my favorite place...England! : )
I hope your weekend will be lovely.

Peg said...

Thanks Susie you're a treasure. I feel a bit awful today, they sent Neil home as he's to ill to work, I have however soothed his brow and put him to bed :o)

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