Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Popping in again

We've managed to put Neil's computer online for a short time tonight so I am making the most of it whilst he's at work :o)
I've been surfing through some wonderful new blogs and have enjoyed every minute of it thank you ladies. When the computers are up and running fully I'll post the links in my list as I know I'll go back regularly. We're hoping next Monday morning is d-day for the computers.

I've had disappointment and a wonderful surprise this week, just before Christmas I sent a package off to a fellow stitcher it never arrived so sent another one and am hoping this gets to it's destination this time. I purchased 3 lots of fabric in Oct from a seller on ebay, I'm still waiting for one of the items to arrive, before I knew I would have a problem I purchased several more yards and FQ's from the same seller, this time it was 6mtrs short. I've emailed several times and it wasn't until I contacted ebay that I got a response. I can't go behind peoples backs so I sent the seller a copy of the email I'd sent to ebay explaining it wasn't my wish to spoil her feedback rating so could we please sort this out. It took this to get a response, she say's the package is 1 of 25 being looked for at the depot of the courier. I'm still waiting, it's a shame because her fabric is beautiful quality.

My wonderful surprise was from one of my long time online friends in the US who when she find out I was starting to quilt said as she used to teach quilting anything I needed to know just ask. She said she was having a clear out and to expect a little package in the new year. Well the package turned out to be a box and inside was 6 large rolls of themed 6.5" x 18.5" gorgeous fabrics. The shipping was in double figures, it never ceases to amaze me the way xstitchers and quilters so graciously share their goodies. I'm now waiting for her lists of wants so I can return the wonderful favour.
I'm determined to keep my posts shorter so will end this now and post again.
hugs Peg

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