Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another new week

Goodness I think if the weeks go by any quicker I'll be meeting myself coming back! I thought I'd just post a recent pic of myself.............huh I Isn't she pretty, she is by curtesy of they have a miriad of free downloadable graphics and blinkies etc.
I was still suffering with fatique after breakfast but knew if I sat I'd soon be back asleep. I decided to do a little more in my sewing room after I'd done a little tidying. DD had taken my ironing to do for me so I needed to put that away. I changed the bedding and oh boy did I make a hash of it. It took me almost 40 mins to get the fresh duvet cover on, roll on the time when I've made a quilt for the bed.

I had a delivery of two gorgeous fabrics today, one is a dark blue fleece and the other is a tartan fabric. Both are soft and great quality. I'm still awaiting delivery of more fabric, once it's in I can decide which I will use for the bed. I want to make Mums lap quilt out of homespun checks, she's not a flowery fabric person but loves earthy tones.

Thankfully we may see an end to the senseless killing of the young ladies of the night in Ipswich, it's been announced that police have a man in custody. They've named him which is unusual if he's not an almost certain suspect. I know the young girls live a life surrounded by violence and degregation but they are still human and someone's daughter. God doesn't like what they do but He still loves them and His Son died for them too. My heart goes out to the families of these girls.

It was also in the news tonight that 2 people have died of the MRSA bug at the hospital our son Paul was taken to and spent many months in after his accident. I feel for the families of these people too but can't help feeling relieved he isn't still a patient there. He caught the bug whilst in intensive care there and contacted it again at the spinal unit. Whilst he was there and the spinal unit he was isolated in a room of his own and barrier nursing put into operation at all times.

I've found some new blogs today, I love reading about other peoples daily life, does that make me a people person or just plain nosey??

have a good week
hugs Peg

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