Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yeeaahhhh she's done it!!

Our gorgeous little munchkin Megan, in the foreground, has finally done it, she went downstairs on her own!! Now I know you will be thinking yeah so what but this little girl spent the first 3.1/2 yrs of her life shut in a small cage, she couldn't stand up in, abused, starved and bred until she was no longer profitable.

I am so proud of her, she had never encounted stairs until she came to us. As I use a stair lift she is usually the regal queen riding up with Mum whilst the others all have to walk. Over the past few weeks I've had little goes at trying to get her to climb a few stairs at a time. The others will run up in front so she has managed to climb a few and is getting the general idea.

As I mentioned yesterday I've been shopping with my daughter, I rang Neil to see if all was ok and he proudly said I had missed the big event. He was working on the computer so all 4 munchkins were upstairs with him. Apparently Paddington and Zebedee went downstairs and a while later he wondered where Megan was, she wasn't asleep in her bed. He shouted, she barked back.........from downstairs!! She must have followed the others down and managed it well because Neil didn't hear any loud bangs to suggest she'd fallen.

Yeah I know to some of you she's just a dog but as my gorgeous human babes have fled the nest and now have babes of their own these munchkins are my babies. Oooh knowing how far she's progressed is the best Christmas present I could have.

We awoke this morning to a winter wonderland outside, I sadly didn't think to pick up my camera. The sun was shining but everywhere was covered by a very heavy frost. Our roads were dangerous for driving on and the temperature hasn't lifted much all day. Looking from the window now I can see the cars covered with ice and the roads are glazing over. A travel warning has been given over the radio, it doesn't take much to bring England to a standstill weather wise :o)
It upsets me to think there will be people who are not as fortunate as we are and they will be sleeping out. How on this earth do they manage? I was really saddened last year whilst at my stitch club, new bus shelters had been built in a large area in the town and some of the ladies were complaining that 'these people' dared to bring blankets under the shelters around teatime and were getting ready to bed down. With respect to them all these ladies all have good, warm homes to go to with families who care about them. Yes I know some people are on the streets by choice but it must be a darned horrible alternative to make them want to live their lives like this. The temperature at the moment is at -2 degrees and will get colder as the night wears on. I thank the Lord daily for what I have and know it's only by His grace and not because I of anything I've done.
The shops as predicted were manic, I'm sure people think the world ends at Christmas the way they buy, buy, buy, shopping baskets full to overflowing when probably half of the goodies will be wasted. We'll be sharing Christmas lunch with our daughter and her family, the dogs will come with us so that will be 6 humans and 5 dogs as they have a gorgeous young lady called Lucy who is a Black/Tan Cocker spaniel who has a wonderful character and is able to keep Zebedee under control even though she's only 1yr old :o)

Well that's it for now, I'm off to have something to eat, enjoy your evening and if you need to travel please do be careful. Please spare a thought for my SIL in this pic, he works for Green Flag rescue and is on call tonight after a full day at work.
Warm hugs to you all


RaNae said...

Hello Peg thank you for stopping by my blog it is so nice to meet a new friend. I too love cross stitching- and needle point although I am new to needle point. I actually just like to craft lol. I hope the weather betters for you we had been in the 80's but they are threatening snow fluries on sunday am which will be a wonderful miracle. Anyways my hubby Doug reads and reads and reads about ice and mountain climbers and Everest etc and unfortunately men from Dallas died on Mt. Hood in Oregon this week here is a link ... although he doesn't climb himself... yet- he had a hip replaced about 3 years ago... anyways if your husband has a blog about his adventures I know mine would love to see it.
Love your doggies btw.

RaNae said...

here is the link again lets see if it all prints this time

RaNae said...

well booger it's not working I'm sure your husband has heard of the incident anyways. U could go to this link and type in climbers in the search page

take care RaNae

Heidi said...

I can imagine how you felt hearing about Megan making down the stairs on her own! I agree that our pets really are like children to us. We feel the same as we never had any children.

Welcome back to blogging!

RaNae said...

I soo totally am not usually a message hog but I wanted to say I looked through your photos and what a wonderful family you have and your stitching is awesome my personal favorite is the one with the squirrels in the browns and blues.
Good Day Peg

Peg said...

Hi Ranae
hog away :o)thank you for your lovely comments, my family are very important to me especially since we almost lost our eldest son this year. I have started quilting recently and am loving it, my stitching is important to me though. Many thanks for the link Neil will try and get to it over Christmas. You take care and have a great holiday.
hugs Peg UK

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