Saturday, December 16, 2006

Only 9 more days to Christmas!

Gosh, where does the time go? This has been another busy week of activities, tiring me out completely. I haven't seen much of Neil, this time of year he is busy with school concerts and plays.

Last Saturday evening we went out for a meal as I said we would. We had a great time with friends and the whole evening was relaxing. The meal was everything you'd want it to be and the company was just as good. I think I over did it a little though, I spent Sunday and Monday sleeping the days and nights away. I felt exhausted, the little munchkins kept trying to poke me whilst I slept but even their comical antics couldn't get me going. Zebedee thought it most amusing to 'steal' my slippers each time I took them off. He's not one to argue with either as I have proved many times. Megan rushes to my defence each time like a warrior princess!

Tuesday I felt a little better so managed to finish a couple of small projects off. The Token of love motif is from the Ackworth Quaker School book.

The Sarah Smithfield quaker pinkeep is from Carriage house samplings. Both these will hopefully be made into pinkeeps this week.
The picture at the top are of my Christmas Mantle. We haven't decorated at Christmas for the past few years just because we're not usually here but this year after seeing the beautiful blogs etc of others and the wonderful decorations gave me the urge to just decorate a Our sitting room isn't large since the renovations so we can't have a large free standing tree so a small one is sufficient for us. I made the cloth which covers the mantle shelf on Tuesday, now my daughter wants a table runner for her coffee table!
I'm sorry if the pics are out of sinc I have problems putting them in the right place but to coin a phrase I'm sure you get the picture!!!
Wednesday I enjoyed seeing our youngest grandson Jacob in his nativity play at school, the children were great! I'll post some pics tomorrow. For a couple of hours in the evening I babysat whilst Mum and Dad were at a golf club meal. This again shattered me so Thursday and Friday were rest days again. Today has been busy with shopping and visiting the library, I ordered some Meg Evans books, I saw these beautiful books on ebay of her lovely work and fancy having a go in the new year. I've never stitched on plastic canvas before so watch this space BWG!
I also had some more gorgeous fabrics from ebay, they are mainly checked which I want to make into a lap quilt but they were all bargains and I will probably have enough for at least 3 lap quilts.
Neil finishes work on Wednesday next so his health permitting he may be able to put the flooring down in the front bedroom and finish off my sewing room. I will of course let him have Christmas and the next day off lol.
Enjoy your week

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