Friday, December 8, 2006

Another week gone !

Well another week has gone by and I'm another year older! This week has been a very busy week for birthdays in our family, Jacob started the week off on Sunday with his 5th birthday, Molly was 10yrs old on Monday and my birthday was on Wednesday. I celebrated mine with Diazapam and Dehydrocodiene plus my usual meds. I didn't bother adding a little alchohol to the mixture as it doesn't suit me with my cocktail of prescription

I can fall down without the effects of drink as I proved on Monday, breaking my specs in the process. I should at the time have been resting anyway but didn't do as I was told. Because of breaking my specs my enforced rest was not as usual spent stitching which drove me crackers!! I didn't get them back until today so will make up for it over the next week. One of the yahoo groups I belong to are stitching pinkeeps I have 3 stitched pieces made up but need to finish them.

Tomorrow evening we will be joining friends for their church's Christmas meal at an inn in the Peak district. They're a small gathering but made up of really sweet, dedicated christians who's company we always enjoy whenever Neil ministers there.

Our room swap over hasn't got much nearer completion, this term is really busy for Neil so it's a case of doing a little at a time. DD was coming to help out but couldn't get so that blew that idea :o) Her youngest son Sam won a certificate yesterday at school, they had a 'dress as the Victorians' day, he borrowed a flat cap, braces and waistcoat from Grandad, old trousers from James and some old boots. They had to behave as Victorian children for the whole day, he came home with the award for best dressed boy. He's also earned 3 well behaved certificates this week too.
Our weather has been very changeable this week, we are now minus a fence down one side of the garden due to the strong winds which knocked it down and 'smashed' it to pieces. Poor Neil the moths will be flying out of the bank book and seeing daylight We can't leave it because of the dogs. He'll really pass out when I remind him we have to go and pay for the new bed tomorrow as the shop rang today to say it's now back in store.............poor old Neil.

One thing I have been able to do this week is increase my quilt fabric stash, I won some fantastic bargains on ebay. The postman who delivers packages asked me this morning if I was starting a shop! As soon as my room is ready I can make my lap quilt, I have the picture in my mind of how I want it to look and am hoping I can import that onto the fabric !

Deeber our retriever has felt very pleased with herself this week, she has finally learned how to lift the foot plate on my stairlift enabling her to come upstairs. She trots into the room with tail wagging and head held high. Megan has also achieved a goal this week, she managed to walk upstairs from halfway, actually she was going one step at a time, Neil dropped a book and made her jump so she 'flew' the rest of the

Well I need to get my fix of other peoples blogs so am off to read through a few and take a peek into their lives.

Enjoy your weekend, I hope it's peaceful and your achieve goals you never thought you would
hugs Peg

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