Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A world of wonder

I was really busy this morning catching up on jobs until fatique took over again so I spent a little time studying the inside of my eyelids ;o)

For the past couple of hours I've been surfing through other blogs and I've spent a great time in a world of wonder! I have found some amazing new ones, some I came across are lovers of all things vintage and it was so wonderful being transported to past times. Some of these ladies are young enough to be my daughters and I'm not that old but seeing things from the past I thought were lost has been so pleasurable, thank you ladies for sharing. I will add them to blogs I like to visit later so you also may share in the pleasure too.

I'm dreading tomorrow, I'm going shopping with my daughter, I really do hate it at this time of year. Everyone panic buys, the shops are only closed for 1 day and nothing in them is going out of style I find it too stressing and will probably come home with a huge headache.

Two of our little munchkins are going to love me this Friday, Megan and Paddington are booked in for a bath and haircut, they're both good but neither like their beards or legs being done.
Zebedee will be going Saturday.......good luck to them, he hates being combed, having his coat cut and doing his face is like facing Attilla the Hun on a bad day! We may end up having the vet sedate him and letting them cut around his eyes and mouth. I bear the scars of trying to wipe his mouth never mind cut his fur. He hates scissors and he hates the clippers, he's an angry little munchkin in general, people who ill treat these dogs don't just cause them agony whilst they have them but scar them for life. No matter how much we show him he'll never be ill treated again he's a dog and just doesn't understand.

Well I'm off to surf some more of these great blogs, have a great Thursday
hugs Peg


Susie Q said...

Dear Peg...I LOVE your blog! I will be back often. You are so warm and dear and you have such a sweet family! That goes for the four legged ones as well! : )

My Kipper can relate to your post...he just went to the groomer last week. He still smells so yummy! They used a "Sugar Cookie? scented shampoo and conditioner on him! : )

Yes, it is a world of wonder isn't it??

Have a wonderful day now and I think we will become blogging friends..I hope so!


Peg said...

Hi Sue, thank you for your visit and comments.

I hope you have a wonderful peaceful and healthy Christmas, take care
hugs Peg

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